Jurassic Forest

The days of the dinosaurs roar to life at Jurassic Forest! Meet life-size dinosaurs face to face while exploring this 40-acre prehistoric preserve, just minutes from Edmonton and millions of years from the present.

We designed and built a refreshed website with intuitive access for their guests. Creating an easy to navigate and user friendly site.

Maui Locals Guide

Maui Locals Guide provides "LOCAL" recommendations on how to enjoy the many wonders Maui has to offer from our unique perspective as Travelers who became Locals. We’ll give you Insider information so you can have the trip of a lifetime enjoying Maui’s abundance of awesome natural beauty, exciting adventures, delicious food and spectacular entertainment.

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Website Redesign
  3. WordPress Custom Theme
  4. Improved Performance
  5. Web Hosting

Little Icons

Little Icons is a portrait photography company that specializes in beautiful, playful, and classic, black and white portraits of children.

Choose place, select photographer, prefer your date/time and book your slot and confirm your booking.

  1. Cloud based software
  2. Booking system
  3. Custom software
  4. Database design and management
  5. Project design and development


An Auction is software in that work on buying and selling goods or services by offering them up for bids, taking bids, and then selling the item to the highest

  1. Cloud based software
  2. Custom software
  3. Buy and sell goods
  4. Custom Payment integration
  5. Website hosted

Winton Homes

Winton Homes in Prince George specializes in building prefabricated homes BC residents love. Custom form building and map the form with sugar crm. In sugarcrm all the leads are manage.

  1. Website Form Integration
  2. Manage leads
  3. Custom form design
  4. Mapping the form data

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