About Us

About Us

L7 Tech is a family-owned business that recognizes the need for custom software solutions that are built to suit your business model. Our software suites are time-tested, utilize well-established frameworks and languages that are compatible with almost any device, and are trusted, safe, and secure. As we were once a young start-up ourselves, our experience has taught us that custom software development often goes hand-in-hand with building or revitalizing a business. With this in mind, we will collaborate closely with you through each phase of development to ensure that your software and business model are perfectly in sync with each other. We are also happy to share knowledge gained through our years of experience to assist in building business plans and making your vision a reality.

We understand that each and every business model is unique. Your software suite should be designed for your company, not the other way around. For this reason, we always strive during our discovery phase for a deep and thorough understanding of your business model, including risk assessment, marketing strategies, operating costs, potential setbacks, and audience assessments – all of the standard tools for building a successful framework for your business. With each new project, we strive to gain a deeper understanding of the industry, which allows us to offer much more than a simple software solution – instead, we offer a wealth of knowledge and experience at your disposal that will help you on your path to success.

Meet The Team

Tylor Llewellyn

Founder & CEO

Tylor has been programming and developing custom software for more than twenty years.  He is dedicated to best serving his clients and building successful business connections.

Melissa Marchesi

CFO & Administrationinfo@L7Tech.ca

Mel is a highly educated professional who is the company co-founder; information, finance, and administration center for L7 Tech.

Jared Hancock

COO & Accounts Managersales@L7Tech.ca

Jared has extensive experience in sales and creative work. He brings a variety of skills and authentic business acumen. He will work closely with you to bring your ideas to fruition.

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